Exit scam with our escrow system
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Secure Token Marketplace

Acting as an escrow, we propose a payment solution that blocks the money until the tokens is delivered by its issuer.
Thanks to our solution, don’t go anymore directly through the ICO companies by sending them your money without guaranteed to receive your tokens one day.

Companies behind ICO projects can allocate a defined number of tokens on MyTokenCompany, offering them at a fixed exchange price. They have 90 days to deliver the tokens in order to be paid. During this time, the money is blocked via the Stripe payment system, a tool designed for market places. Companies get the funds only when the tokens are delivered to the buyer. Due to this, each deal is secured!


MyTokenCompany provides a solution to buy instantly tokens from an only and single tool while securing your transaction.


Our platform offers you an exhaustive list of possible ICOs. However, even if we provide an analysis service in parallel with our payment solution, we will not replace your analyzes. Your purchases only look at you.


Choose to participate in ICOs that interest you. All payments are made by credit card or bank transfer via the Stripe payment system. Maximum delivery time is 90 days.


Receive your tokens directly in your compatible wallet, metamask or myetherwallet. If tokens haven’t been delivered in time to buyers then the full payment is refunded.

Coming soon

Only a few days before the launch of our Tokens Store