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Zimrii is a disruptive music Blockchain ecosystem. Designed to utilize the best of the decentralised BlockChain to allow creative musicians and film-makers to exploit their talents by removing the middlemen who remove value from artists in the music value chain allowing them to develop and sustain their careers.

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4,000,000 USD

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20,000,000 USD


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Music and Film makers will be able to offer rewards to fans and consumers who hold Zimrii tokens.  These rewards, as determined by the creators, will offer discounts, VIP tickets, and other exclusive screenings and merchandise Zimrii token holders will able to vote on aspects of the Zimrii development so they have a direct say in how the ecosystem develops and which benefits the whole community Features Real Time Copyright Receipts Through the sale and streaming of music, artists can receive real time receipt of royalty payments in Zimrii tokens enabling artists to sustain and develop their music careers   Tokenisation of Creators Assets Creatives can develop innovative ways to generate deeper relationships with existing fans and create new ones through the creation of their own creators utility token Access to Ground-breaking Content Zimrii’s economy is designed to provide a platform for fans to access new and exciting content which supports interesting and unique artists.

No third parties are able to influence what content users are able consume driving value to both the fans and artists   Invest in exciting music artists and film projects Music and film fans can gain exclusive access to music artists through the purchase of the Zimrii Creators Token using their Zimrii tokens. Support film projects that they are excited about and which support independent filmmakers projects   Global platform for music and film tokens Music Artists can expose their token on a global platform to drive greater awareness of their music. Film makers can create liquidity to drive their projects to completion and generate excitement around their projects

Blockchain, Entertainment

rating 4.5

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