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TravelerToken is a Blockchain-based infrastructure and payment system for the tourism industry minimizing costs for customers and maximizes profits for providers. Imagine a decentralized market, democratically designed, that connects all participants and thus eliminates unnecessary costs and creates fair and transparent offers. As we promised: spend less and travel more.

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Fiat, ETH, BTC

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About TravelerToken

At Traveler Token (TLT), we have created our own blockchain ecosystem, specifically designed to give travel companies the ability to host distributed nodes, giving them a way to more securely and effectively collaborate with partners and manage customer data.

As traveler’s expectations increase, travel companies are searching for better ways to use customer’s data in order to deliver smoother, more personalized services. Companies struggle with this since the data they collect from both their own and partner platforms, online travel agencies and booking sites is often confined to locations and data systems that make it difficult to use. The TLT ecosystem lets travel companies improve their existing IT systems using blockchain technology by making it possible to maintain accurate and accessible inventories of the services they offer  from an airline’s available seats to a hotel’s bookings for a night. Partnered companies can use these inventories for applications to effectively eliminate problems like price inflation or the dreaded double booking.

Using our financial blockchain, partnered companies will be able to offer TravelerToken (TLT) to travelers as a secure and instant method of payment for services. Compared to other cryptocurrencies, TLT is highly liquid and it will maintain its value based on demand for the goods and services provided by partners. TLT investors and owners can use their tokens to pay for services with partnered companies or load their tokens onto the especially developed TLT Debit Card and, thanks to a partnership with Wirecard Bank, use them internationally wherever MasterCard is accepted. When travelers spend their TLT, they will automatically earn new tokens based on their spending in a process similar to traditional cash-back rewards programs.

We envision most travel and tourism-related businesses across the globe united in this consortium that uses the TLT distributed system to the mutual benefit of all.


rating 4

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