PlanEx Platform

Blockchain, Investment

rating 4.5

PlanEx freely converts financial market assets into crypto-tokens (XPX standard) and vice versa, without any restrictions.The platform is based on blockchain technology and smart-contracts. All of the financial instruments are led to a single standard and traded on the single platform. Fast, cheap, safe.

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2,000,000 USD

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20,000,000 USD


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About PlanEx Platform

The global financial sector is ready for change. Financial products and markets stayed the same in many aspects for many centuries, developing and maintaining industry of intermediaries became the business worth trillions of dollars with one single aim, to maintain the exchange of financial assets between sellers and buyers. In near future the next development stage of financial market will be marked with erasure of financial boundaries, reduction of the time and operational difficulties as well as expenses and intermediaries while working with money and assets.

The absolute new environment without any geographical boundaries is being formed for people, managers of assets, banks, commercial companies and other market participants. PlanEx combines all sort of financial assets in one platform, making them available for everyone – easier, faster and safer. These changes will provide the opportunity for algorithmic managers to make their services available for all with a single click, thereby making bank deposits, certificates and other lowyielding instruments unnecessary.

We use the innovator strategy in order to access to market and get the prevailing share. Innovator always has advantage of the first move, as well as the temporary position to form knowledge and high loyalty for the product.

PlanEx Platform
Blockchain, Investment

rating 4.5

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