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The OSA platform provides consumers with transparent product information and online assistant services, while OSA DC’s AI-powered ecosystem gives manufacturers and retailers the chance to collaborate effectively and optimize their business strategies. OSA decentralized is built on the already proven OSA Hybrid Platform, which is successfully delivering its services to over 20 retailers and manufacturers.

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OSA is a successful existing business established in 2015. We provide services for world leading consumer product retail and manufacturers, including Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, JTI, Mars, L’Oreal, Metro Cash & Carry, and many others.

First of all, our solution implementation was resisted and at times even sabotaged by some of the in-store staff, who appeared to benefit from proliferation of existing product tracking and accounting solutions, by tampering with the data, with the objective of fraud and pilferage. We also revealed instances of selling expired products, to keep the waste levels to within target
levels. Other instances included sales of counterfeit products and other “creative” attempts to maximize profit at the cost of the shoppers’ health.

Secondly, more than 30% of out-of-stocks happen outside of the retail stores and are caused by the imbalances in the supply chain, from the manufacturer all the way to the retailer warehouse, and cannot be solved in the retail shop. OSA DC Solution takes this a stage further – it develops a range of technologies that aim to overcome the obstacles identified in implementation of OSA Hybrid Platform Solution – lack of transparency across entire supply chain and “human factor”.

Firstly, synergy of AI and blockchain with smart contract functionality will secure supply chain members’ data from manipulation and unauthorized access and will make it transparent. Secondly, creation of Product Master Data Catalogue that will contain product name, visual appearance, 3D model and comprehensive product information across 150 product attributes. It will allow AI to analyze clean data and provide all members of the supply chain with smart

Business services

rating 4.7

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