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Õpet is an intelligent AI companion chatbot designed to help secondary students with their exam revision. Bringing AI, Chatbot and Blockchain technologies to the realm of education. Seeking to advance the vision of Global Education-Inclusion and addressing the income/class divide by enabling equality of opportunities through education via disruptive technologies.

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About Õpet Foundation

Covering the entire GCSE and “A” Level (and their equivalent in various jurisdictions) curriculum, Õpet is an effective, affordable and convenient digital private tutor to help students revise effectively for their exams. Õpet seeks to deliver sophisticated conversations to help expand students’ horizons. Through continuous engagement, Õpet will record accurately and securely on a blockchain all information relevant and useful to college admission processes – like users’ interests, preferences, academic progress, records of extra-curricular activities, testimonies, and even personality profiling using the University of Cambridge’s Unique Personality Profiling Tool.

We are bringing the AI recommendation engine technologies used in YouTube, Netflix and Spotify into the education space. Our powerful and adaptive recommendation engine will then recommend relevantly, educational and job opportunities to our users in ways you won’t even imagine.

Our goal is to combine the underlying technologies behind blockchain and artificial intelligence to create a personalized education platform which supplements the existing system and curriculum and provides tailored recommendations to high school and pre-undergraduate students worldwide. Õpet’s AI companion chatbot will serve as a digital tutor companion to guide and monitor the progress of a student’s learning journey. The continuous engagement with our Õpet chat app also facilitates the growth of a global student information database.

Through constant student-chatbot interactions which prompt the collection of academic transcripts, extracurricular records, accomplishments and personality profiling, Õpet will create a holistic student profile, enabling the provision of expertly-devised recommendations of courses of study and tertiary institutions worldwide – tailored to each individual student.

Õpet Foundation
Education, Internet

rating 4.8

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