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Local Token Exchange is a Peer-toPeer (“P2P”) decentralised Exchange that allows buyers and sellers to trade directly in a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. Local Token Exchange provides a safe, uncomplicated and fast trading platform leveraging its own P2P marketplace and escrow system, like a more traditional Exchange.

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About Local Token Exchange

Unlike other P2P exchanges, Local Token Exchange provides both variety and liquidity by mixing centralised and decentralised exchange practices, allowing users to buy and sell freely without unnecessary waiting times or verification requirements and to share in the profit of the platform’s overall success as well as allowing early and favourable access to carefully curated ICOs and new tokens.

Local Token Exchange was born out of a shared vision to develop a more efficient global financial system. Our backgrounds include technology, finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship – we are all driven by our natural inclinations to pioneer transformation. We love the flexibility of trading in multiple cryptocurrencies, but we were fed up with the inefficiencies of centralised exchanges. So we created Local Token Exchange to integrate the best of a P2P decentralised exchange with the deep liquidity of a centralised exchange, which makes trading faster, easier, more secure and gives the token holder a share in the profits.

This innovative model will give traders the perfect space to transact the vast majority of their trades, whilst allowing them to participate in the success of Local Token Exchange’s business with regular dividends for token holders.

Local Token Exchange

rating 4

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