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ioeX is a perfect integration of blockchain technology and IoT (Internet of Things) industry. From 2016, we have built a “decentralized peer-to-peer network” that is estimated to reduce the M2M data transmission cost by 70%, which could be equal to USD 12.6 billion per year in 2020.
ioeX builds a decentralized peer-to-peer network based on existing servers and smart devices.

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About IOEX

ioeX proposes a “Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Network” solution that combines Bootstrap nodes and Peer nodes to connect and communicate, creating a new direct communication network architecture based on the existing Internet. This safe, decentralized network will be built to enable equipment manufacturers, content providers, and even individuals around the world to create, store, and transfer content in a decentralized and distributed manner. ioeX will use live update services for smart device software as our market entry point to generate revenue, gradually and organically expand our market share by lowering operation costs and risks for device vendors, to create a fully functional and secure network system, and allow various applications for general and business use, to enrich the whole ecosystem.

Through decentralized peer-to-peer networking, ioeX creates a decentralized, distributed networking that llows each AI equipment to transmit the data without a storage and transmission center. The cost of traffic and storage decreases nearly 70%, and the interactions between technology carriers and network communication become more intuitive. General users may gain IOEX coins through sharing bandwidth and storage space of their equipment. ioeX and their members have set up physical/online bootstrap nodes and peer nodes all around the world, all these are linked to form ioeX networking; each equipment has its unique ID, therefore the data will be safely and fairly recorded into ioeX blockchain.

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