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Goldchip Investments, a gold mining and mineral processing corporation, introduces GMA (Goldchip Mining Asset) a new cryptocurrency backed by the profits of our operational gold mine and based on the Waves blockchain platform. GMA provides investors all over the globe the opportunity to invest in the gold mining sector.

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12,500 ETH

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75,000 ETH


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Goldma is combining the best attributes of gold and cryptocurrency. Thus, it resolves the issue of cryptocurrency not having ‘intrinsic value’ by tying it to gold. But, we’ve taken it a bit further in our model. We are not storing any gold. We are immediately selling the gold to the Reserve Bank and buying Ether with the cash that we are paid. So, we don’t have to worry about the security aspect of storing the gold. Our value is immediately digitized onto the blockchain which enables the commodification of gold and overcome the volatility of cryptocurrency which will allow smaller investors to partake in the gold mining sector. So, you are not saving to just save your value (in some vault), you are actually saving to earn a return! Whether the market goes up or down it allows us to give our GMA token holders a 5% royalty (in the form of Ether) every quarter. You do the math – how much is that annually? Goldma (Gold Mining Assets, GMA) operates several gold mining claims already producing and purchasing thousands of grams of gold per year.
Our project aims to :Decentralize the opportunity to invest in multi-million dollar gold mining projects. Enable anyone to inexpensively and securely transfer value anytime, anywhere. Store value in an asset backed cryptocurrency. Allow companies and investors a means of receiving and remitting investment/royalties/dividends anywhere, anytime without the barriers of cash. Provide a means of GMA token holders to earn royalties on their investment into our gold mining company
Investment, Manufacturing

rating 4.1

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