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The innovative DEFACTO structure addresses key issues with the way in which voting currently takes place and coordinates activities on the blockchain on a bespoke crypto platform. This whitepaper seeks to detail the specific items and activities which DEFACTO will action in order to achieve these goals. DEFACTO also offers public and private transactions across the platform and a Proof of Stake (POS) reward system for network participants.

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United Kingdom
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About Defacto

DEFACTO- A Better World Through Fair Voting. DEFACTO Platform will feature advanced blockchain security protocols to truly anonymise the user. Leveraging Total Obfuscation, Multi-Layered architecture, RingCT tech, Double-Spend Prevention, Anti-collusion techniques, Sharding & Encryption. DEFACTO Platform will boast a bespoke GUI operating a POS algorithm to reward users who stake coins. A master node system will be in place to further reward high volume holders of DEFACTO coin. DEFACTO platform will allow users to contribute their unique opinion to all manner of topics to be voted on. Users can share, comment, vote, submit items for voting and view current and past polls. All data will be submitted to the blockchain forming an immutable ledger providing transparency whilst allowing the registered user to remain anonymous as per traditional voting methods.

The primary purpose of DEFACTO is to facilitate truly private transactions and fair polling on theblockchain, whilst rewarding users through a generous Proof of Stake system. DEFACTO is truly decentralised and borderless to allow users to propose and cast votes which will help to define policies and shape the society in which we live. Record your views forever and ask other users their views and opinions. Vote on ‘Hot Topics’, Commission Polls for your organisationor ask the community anything.

DEFACTO can support dynamic policies for all major policy making genres such as Agriculture, Environment & Rural Affairs, Communities, Education, Economy, Finance, Health, Infrastructure & Justice.

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