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rating 4.5 unlocks the world’s first financial market for diamonds. Investors can purchase CARAT tokens, diamond-backed digital currency, which can be redeemed in the real-world diamond market. By being linked to a physical commodity averaging an appreciation of 5-6% annually, the CARAT token remains one of the most stable and promising assets.

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Fiat, ETH

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2,000,000 USD

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30,000,000 USD


United Kingdom
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Beyond being a sound use of capital, the CARAT token will also function as a means of payment that will help kick-start the diamond and jewelry industries in two ways: by allowing members of the crypto world to purchase diamonds and jewellery, and as a B2B payment method between members of the diamond industry themselves. melds hi-tech, a strong base within the crypto community and strategic partnerships in the diamond industry to sit in the driver’s seat of an exciting ecosystem bringing millions of people to the convergence of the crypto and diamond markets.

Our technology has already priced over $1 billion USD-worth of diamonds. parses all grade parameters against well-known economic measures, then use statistical analysis to create the most advanced and precise pricing methodology to date. Our tools incorporate 14 different metrics of evaluation, yielding over 1 trillion unique price points. Plus, we apply machine-learning technology, so our ever-expanding database is always improving.

We use this database, built on a solid foundation of hundreds of thousands of precious stones, to accurately appraise the diamond market and create an first-of-its-kind digital coin based on real, certified diamonds.
Business services, Cryptocurrency

rating 4.5

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