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Black is Going to Disrupt the Insurance Industry Black Insurance, a digital insurance company on blockchain, is opening historically centralized insurance market for crowdfunding. Crowdfunded capital gives all investors first-of-a-kind investment opportunities to invest in stable insurance portfolios with long-term financial profits that so far have been shared among insurance companies and re-insurers. The Blockchain integration and tokenized process allows us distribute securities completely new way.

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Soft cap

2,000,000 USD

Hard cap

45,000,000 USD


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About Black Insurance

Black is a digital insurance company on blockchain. Our platform connects insurance brokers directly with capital enabling them to launch their own virtual insurance companies. Thus removing the trusted third parties (Insurance Companies) from the value chain.  One of the biggest problems in the insurance industry today is that the product design and customer are too far apart. Currently the products are created by insurance companies. This means that there are several parties between the customer and product, the system allows for a lot of bureaucracy, high costs and hinders innovation. Time to market normally takes years.

Black Insurance will use two types of tokens. Black Platform Token (BLCK). BLCK powers the infrastructure, providing access to the platform and for conducting voting on system updates to the platform (utility token). All platform users will use BLCK for managing insurance on the Black platform, and demand for BLCK will increase as more insurance business is conducted on the platform. Black Syndicate Tokens (BST) (issued when the platform is ready). BST is an investment in insurance capital, and a specific BST is created for each syndicate (security token), The profitability of the insurance portfolio for a specific syndicate will pass-through to the holders of it’s BST.


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