BizShake (PreICO)

Business services, Software

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The essence of a decentralized, innovative business model is realized by the ability to tokenize high-value assets on the Blockchain, the transparency of user profiling through digital identity, as well as security provided by an automated dispute system of which is regulated under peer control.

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Soft cap

3,700,000 USD

Hard cap

40,000,000 USD


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About BizShake

The P2P Sharing Ecosystem on NEO Blockchain Through Tokenization of Real-World Assets.

We believe that the adoption of blockchain technology can fully change P2P sharing by filling the gaps that centralized P2P platforms cannot. Our alpha version of app will be in the next few weeks in order to prove to the potential future customers how BizShake will revolutionaze the Sharing Economy.

We plan to launch an STO for crowdfunding in order to raise funds to develop this project. We are currently filing the US SEC REG A+ application in order to be fully compliant with STO regulations. We will release the NEP-5 BZS tokens as securities under SEC compliance.

In the P2P Sharing Economy 2.0 paradigm, Blockchain will execute transactions and payments; in this case the trust that is indispensable during the P2P transaction is provided by the Blockchain. BizShake applications will provide users with market access and business logic, for which a very small fee will be charged

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