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BitSchool will help learners establish clear individual learning paths accurately reflecting their abilities and guide them on their paths to excellence. The BitSchool Platform is an eLearning project based on adaptive technology, artificial intelligence and blockchain, and currently has a beta version of the Adaptive Assessment App and runs an Automated Test Solution System (“Smart Test Solution”).

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About BitSchool

Our goal is to create the optimal personalized learning environment and we will do this by consolidating the Adaptive Assessment App and Smart Test Solution into one comprehensive “Personalized Learning Solution (PLS)”. The PLS comprises three core components: (1) PLS Assessment adaptively assesses the learners’ understanding and progress per courses; (2) PLS Learning provides mock tests that help identify the learner’s knowledge gaps and generates adaptive learning resources per questions tailored to plug learning gaps in ways matching the learner’s learning style; (3) PLS Test generates adaptive tests evaluating the learners’ true academic or professional performance.The personalized learning environment empowered by the PLS will be complemented by our On-Demand Tutors who will address specific questions or tasks not resolved by the PLS.

BitSchool blockchain-based ‘Paid Per Use’ system will enable education contents creators to trace their contents transactions and get paid. This blockchain-powered Intellectual Property Management System will empower the creation of contents and help us build an evolving data pool of educational contents. BitSchool GoGreenFund opens the door to applying cutting-edge technology to realizing equal learning opportunities by blockchain-based token scholarships. As the token scholarship will only be circulated on our platform, it also acts as an effective token stabilization mechanism.

BitSchool targets both the eLearning and global tutoring market with a combined revenue of $255B in 2016 and estimated growth to $376B by 2021.As our Adaptive Assessment App nears completion and Smart Test Solution is already an up-and-running solution, we plan to start sell our Personalized Learning Solution globally from 2019 and estimate a $9.8M revenue for FY2019.

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