Bitdane Exchange

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Bitdane Exchange aims to put cryptocurrency on the Danish market. For this purpose, they have created the BDEX token, which will be used for transactions on the Bitdane Exchange platform, as well as on the future Bitdane Exchange app. Upon launch, users of Bitdane Exchange will be able to trade twenty cryptocurrencies.

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Soft cap

10 000 000 BDEX

Hard cap

50 000 000 BDEX


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About Bitdane Exchange

We are a group of passionate men who are in the mid-thirties, who have seen an opportunity to invest in a Danish crypto platform. We have seen a gap in the market where the Danes want knowledge about the entire crypto universe, and our knowledge, as well as other investors, we want to build a community where Danes can help each other, based on our knowledge and advice, we want to visualize the possibilities before for this area, and build trust between us and potential customers.

We got the idea to make a krypto exchange as we can see there is a growing need in the Danish market. There is no real krypto exchange in Denmark that offers purchases of Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum as well as various Altcoins based on other blockchain technologies. The market and technologies are fully run over a long period of time and we can see that it has just grown dramatically in just one year.

Our vision is to create an exchange where buyers and sellers meet and deal with cryptovalues of each other. We want to create a “community” where new investors can come and receive support and get help getting started with crypto routers. The ambition is to become the largest and best krypto exchange in Denmark.

Customers from other countries will also be able to shop on our platform. The conviction that we have a strong product is in place, we control what technology is going to be used for our BDEX coin that will strengthen the company. In addition, we already know how long it takes and develop the exchange product before we can go live.

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