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Decentralized platform for alcoholic beverage market based on social eco system with integrated wireless network combined RFID/NFC tags and sensors. This complete structure makes possible to unite all participants of beverage market and track the beverage from the field to the bottle, giving consumers’ accurate information about beverage he is buying.

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About Beverage Cash

The main problem of the cryptocurrency world is that digital money is not secured by physical assets. Since the advent of blockchain technologies, users have accumulated a huge amount of various digital currencies which are almost impossible to use as a mean of payment for the purchase of goods.

First decentralized innovative solution whereby the real sector of economy and cryptoworld have been merged. The application has been developed to address the key problem of cryptocurrency price instability, and marries the trading process on an innovative platform with unique functions. Starting with the alcohol market, we are striving to create an ecosystem that will become a standard for the integration of the real economy sector and the cryptocurrency world.

Wine and craft alcohol is the most attractive investment asset which has surpassed stocks, precious metals, works of art and antiques by profitability over the last hundred years.

A good wine collection shows a profit of hundreds of percent. For example, Chateau Lafleur Pomerol 1982 has increased its value from 20 to 40 thousand pounds just over the last two years and Bordeaux Lafite Rothschild has risen in price by 850% just over one year.

Beverage Cash

rating 3.4

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