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Knowing and understanding customers is more important than ever for B2C companies. By using BehaviourExchange services you will be able to know who is visiting your web site in real time, effectively engage with your visitors and show them the right products or services. Personalizing the content of your website will increase sales due to better targeting and user experience. Payments with BEX tokens will be rewarded with discounts.

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About BehaviourExchange

The BehaviourExchange platform connects three parties in a smart and unique way: web visitors, websites and B2C businesses. We provide each of the parties with unique benefits: Media websites are offered a free service of content exchange, which results in a higher number of unique visitors for each participating website, visitors immediately find a product or service that fits their needs and are not bombarded with irrelevant ads and content, and finally,B2C businesses understand who their visitors are in real-time and use our service to show every visitor the most appropriate product or service.

By connecting visitors, B2C companies and websites we will ensure the constant circulation of BEX tokens from token holders to millions of companies, from millions of companies to BehaviourExchange, and then back to the market.

Irrelevant content is annoying and a complete waste of time, right? Wouldn’t it be better to see the content and offers that truly match our interest and personality? With your consent we will follow what you read and how you behave to determine your profile. You will benefit by getting the content you are interested in and you will be rewarded with BEX tokens. BEX tokens will enable you to buy products and services from the companies in the network under favorable conditions.

Big Data, Internet

rating 4.5

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