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Aworker is a next-generation recruitment platform powered by Blockchain. Aworker reinvents Human Resources processes via referrals and smart contracts. Everyone can become a recruiter now and get rewards for their recommendations. The search for employees powered by smart contracts reduces “cost per hire” up to 4 times.

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About Aworker

We are creating a decentralized and reliable solution for employees and companies based on the Ethereum blockchain with smart contracts. Our solution consists of a job marketplace, skills verification and an independent rating of reputation. Employees get the opportunity to find a job and make money on their network, skills and professional achievements. Companies get access to a decentralized rating and skills verified via smart contracts.

An Aworker will be able to receive a reward for the recommendation each time his/her acquaintance gets a job at a company. The entire process will be open to an employee, and he/she will always be able to see the hiring stage. In this case, the candidate search process becomes P2P, where other network users look for worthy candidates to the company and recommend them.

Recommendations of their acquaintances will create a pleasant and friendly team in the company. Everyone wins in this case. An employee helps his acquaintances, and the company receives recommendations from a trusted employee. Currently only employees of the company, recruitment agencies or headhunters can recommend their acquaintances to open positions. We want to expand these opportunities. Each person will be able to recommend his/her acquaintance if he/she understands that this person has all the competencies for the vacancy. An Aworker with a high reputation will be able to become a remote headhunter for companies that will recommend acquaintances for a particular reward

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